WordPress is a great platform for blogs and websites. A customized theme design is a great way to set your brand apart from your competition.

Whether you’re looking to add a news page to your current website, or upgrade the look and feel of your current blog, we would love to help you develop your WordPress site to fit your style and brand.

Get a year of web hosting for free by purchasing one of our Web Design plans!

WordPress Addon Plans

Easily intergrate a professional blog in your affordable or bespoke web design package.


  • Intergrated Header & Footer
  • No Optimization
  • 1 Custom Page Design
  • No Maintenance Package


  • Intergrated Header & Footer
  • Standard Optimization & Security
  • 2 Custom Page Designs
  • 1 Free Month Starter Maintenance


  • Intergrated Header & Footer
  • Advanced Optimization & Security
  • 5 Custom Page Designs
  • 1 Free Month Pro Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Fully managed WordPress website maintenance plans at fixed rates.

Standard Plan
Standard WordPress Websites
Pro Plan
Pro WordPress Websites
Premium Plan
Premium WordPress Websites

£100 per month

£200 per month

£500 per month
Monthly support time 60 Minutes 120 Minutes 300 Minutes
Monthly WordPress core updates
Monthly theme updates
Monthly plugin updates
Optimize filenames
Optimize meta data
Add, edit or remove content
Navigation updates
Basic layout and styling (fonts, colours, alignment & spacing)
Fix WordPress errors
Support: online, phone & email
Monthly health check
Up-time monitoring
Malware protection
Full backups
Speed optimization
Upload posts to social media
Custom post CSS
Generate XML sitemap for Google search console
Monthly Google analytics report
Security audit
Image editing
eCommerce support (WooCommerce)
SEO optimization
Supply stock imagery

* Prices shown are a representative example. You have total flexibility of which order each service is added to your package.

Support time used to update WordPress, themes and plugins come out of the total.

All support and response times are office hours only - 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday. If you need out-of-hours support contact us.

WordPress Maintenance FAQ

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

  • What is the minimum contract length?

    3 Months.

  • What happens if I run out of support time?

    We will contact you when you start getting close to using all your time. You can always purchase more support time if required.

  • Does support time carry over to next month?

    No, we will keep you updated with the amount of support time you have left each month to ensure you use it all.

  • Cancelling my contract

    You can cancel the contract at any point, we require 30 days notice. Once notified all renewals will be cancelled.


All of our packages are specifically suited to each client and we do our best to get you on the best plan.


We will always maintain a high level of professionalism and all of our work we produce is logged and reviewed.

Jargon Free

While providing our services we try our best to explain in Layman's terms to keep everything nice and simple.